Scott Riggs Tiffanys
Museum Quality Tiffany Leaded Lampshades


24" Border Peony
24" Border Peony
24" Rosebush
24" Rosebush
Pink - Extra Large Tiffany Lamp
28" Pink Magnolia
28" Blue Magnolia Tiffany Lamp
28" Blue Magnolia
24" green Border peony Tiffany Lamp
24" Green Border Peony
28" Green Magnolia Tiffany Lamp
28" Green Magnolia
28" Light Magnolia Tiffany Lamp
28" Light Magnolia
28" Magnolia Tiffany Lamp
28" Magnolia
26" Poinsettia Tiffany Lamp
26" Poinsettia
28" Purple Magnolia Tiffany Lamp
28" Purple Magnolia
28" Gold Turtleback
28" Gold Turtleback
24" Gold Curtain Borders Tiffany Lamp
24" Gold Curtain Borders


Extra Large Tiffany Lamp Shades

Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large

The "Extra Large Tiffany Lamp Shade" Category consists of shades that range from 24" to 28" in size.

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26" Inverted Poppy
26" Inverted Poppy
26" Oriental Pop
26" Oriental Pop
26" Blue Poppy Tiffany Lamp
26" Blue Poppy
24" Orange Border Peony Tiffany Lamp
24" Orange Border Peony
28" Hollyhock Tiffany Lamp
28" Hollyhock
25" Hydrangea Tiffany Lamp
25" Hydrangea
28" Orange Hollyhock Extra Large Tiffany Lamp
28" Orange Hollyhock
26" Oriental Poppy Tiffany Lamp
26" Oriental Poppy
Small Tiffany Lamp
28" Red Peony
28" Red Peony Tiffany Lamp
26" Red Poppy
24" Amber Curtain Borders Tiffany Lamp
24" Amber Curtain Borders
24" Green Curtain Borders Tiffany Lamp
24" Green Curtain Borders